Working for My Sanity


What is work to you?

A distraction? A repetitive everyday cycle to shroud the enormous pointlessness of existence? A hopeless, pointless effort to make sense of your relation with the world?

A compulsion? A condemnation? The price of the existence to live through the contract of a slave by birth? A fear of not paying your bills?

A delusion? An imagined sense of purpose extending all the selfishness, survivalism and competitiveness of the animal instincts of human beings?

Or a false sense of intellectualism that allows us to forget that we are nothing more than animals?

A pastime? Or your only shot at socializing?

To me, it’s mostly about just keeping my sanity.

Take Morality Out

Artist: Eugene Delacroix (Source:

The world seems to be exploding all over the place. There simply seems to be no rest, there always is news about something terrible from one remote corner of the globe and there is always something horrible happening in the other. Manmade bad news, I mean, to be precise.

But it was a different world altogether that you were told about, wasn’t it?

It was a different society that you were about to become a part of. It was a different set of values that your parents taught you and it was a completely different code of ethics and morality that you were supposed to follow at the end of the day.

However, what you find happening is completely different. As if there are different worlds existing within the only one that we know of holding life. As if there are different moral standards existing in them.

But that’s true. There are different worlds existing within the only one that we know of.

There are different, several moral standards existing in all of them. With serious consequences.

It all becomes a shock, incomprehensible, wickedness, evil, war, violence, crime, sin, murder, rape, genocide.

Everything seems to fall apart. It seems as if all that you have ever been told was a lie. And that is a fact. A fact of our world.

A world in which several different worlds exist, with several different moral standards.

A lot of things that are told to us about this world, and about this life, are nothing but blatant lies. All things you read in elementary school, all the imaginary ideals, all the myths of the ages and why you should try replicating their clearly senseless, idiotic and pointless impossible heroics, and how you are expected to behave when the other person clearly does not.

It has all been an effort to make human beings a civilized being out of what they really are and will always remain. Animals with destructive instincts and intellect to worsen the destruction and complicate their evolution. Tamed less unsuccessfully by some than others.

Well, even if it sounds most outrageous and ridiculous to you, try doing that. Take morality out of the equation for a moment and you will find that everything would seem to fit in place. You know, the missing piece of the puzzle.

There is no need to care for your neighbor. There is no need to care for people in the remote corners of the world, or even on the streets of your city.

No need to be bothered about genocide and mass murder of a different race, or even your own, as long as you are safe, surviving and thriving. Do not blink an eye on lust-starved men raping a defenseless woman, turn after turn, waiting. There is even no need to cry about the starving children of Africa. Let them starve. It will shorten their misery.

Besides, this explains a lot of other things. Explains why there is so much war, killing and violence around the world. Explains why there is rape, abuse and torture.

Explains why there are religion and politics, which are supposedly there to bring moral justice to the society and actually end up worsening everything.

Why not? They are but merely evolutionary tools. Why not?

Just take morality out for a moment and everything falls into place.

Everything becomes simple, that man is an intelligent animal which would get just about anything it wants by using just about any way possible. It’s just plain and simple.

If there is only one loaf of bread left in the whole world, what do you expect a hungry animal would do to react to it? And how would you expect it to respond to its fellow creatures or to any other creature which is about to pounce on the solitary produce of grain?

How would you react?

Well, probably you would have shared. Probably not.

I took morality out and a lot of things were better to understand.

A lot of things started making perfectly good sense.

Don’t listen to the lies your parents and schools tell you… too closely.

Source: © 1968 MGM/Stanley Kubrick

The World Needs a New Warsaw Pact

Original File Source: Wikipedia

Contrary to popular and prevalent beliefs, it seems that it is not the terrorist groups which are the greatest threat to the World Peace, but the very powers which claim to be its guardians themselves. This notion which has always been covered with the ice of the label of being a conspiracy theory is fast being exposed as it melts with the events that unfold everyday in front of our eyes. Although it hardly needs any elaboration that the post WW-II history of the world is full of neo-Imperialistic adventures with loss of life roughly reaching, if not greater to, the numbers of deaths in the Second Great War, but still we conveniently tend to forget those lessons as Islam(ism) emerges as the new enemy, replacing the Communist Soviet Union, as Communism is not completely dead, but the Soviet Union is.

The NATO or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was formed shortly after the Second World War partly in response to the Berlin Blockade from the Soviet Union, after which the relations between the Soviet Union and the United States only went downhill. The NATO was created in 1949 after the Treaty of Brussels in which the Western European countries such as Britain, France, Holland and Belgium saw the need to counter the rising Soviet threat to the balance of power in Europe and it led to the suggestion of a military alliance with the United States, the only power in the world that could challenge the Soviet military might. In response, the Soviets just did not sit idle. The Soviet Union concluded the Warsaw Pact in 1955 with the Eastern European countries with Soviet influence on “Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance”, which was concentrated on mutual defense against the NATO, later taking the shape of CSTO or Collective Security Treaty Organization after the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

The situation of the world politics is not the same as it was right after the Second World War. While that is a blessing but it has its disadvantages as well. Right now, we have the NATO protecting its members from any external threat but there is no substantial international military alliance to counter it, if any at all. The NATO does fight the Islamist groups across the Middle East and occasionally takes action against dictators here and there, but is there any substantial entity that can possibly challenge its authority? Now, don’t tell me that we have the United Nations Security Council to avoid the abuse of any such power. The opposite of that is precisely what we have been witnessing since the creation of the Security Council and of late the United States has been manipulating the international forum for carrying out its military and strategic ambitions.

While there is no doubt that most of the threats that the NATO is concerned about are justified and serious, such as Islamist terrorists operating from Nigeria to Yemen and from Pakistan and Afghanistan to Indonesia, we have witnessed incidents in which the authorities have admitted mistakes and errors of judgment, read misguiding fabrication, when it comes to presenting the rationale for starting new wars. The Iraq War started in 2003 has been the greatest shock for people all around the world. The US Secretary of State at the time stated at the United Nations Security Council that Iraq had possessed weapons of mass destruction that could prove dangerous for the peace of the region. After the American invasion, it was admitted that no evidence was found to support that notion and it was dismissed as an intelligence error later on.

While there is always the possibility of an intelligence error, such audacious estimates could prove really costly when it comes to the damage and loss of human lives. The actual purpose of the invasion of Iraq is another story though. Iraq War has just been declared as officially over by the US government and human rights groups are crying out for the great loss of civilian lives and incidents of abuse that took place in the eight year long period. The question is when there was such poor evidence for the basis of an invasion on Iraq, why did the major world powers like China, Russia, France and Germany allow it to happen? Many opposed the idea of an invasion as the powers unanimously agreed on continued weapon inspections but no practical steps were taken to block the military operation.

This is the willingness that the world is lacking which is encouraging the United States to go ahead with attacking almost any state that it considers a threat, or for attaining its regional security interests. This really makes the NATO and the United States the greatest threat to the World Peace. I am not implying that the NATO is not recognizing the threats correctly, but the point that I want to make here is that it is simply too free and unchecked to pursue any military campaigns around the world that it considers necessary. This has resulted into disastrous events such as the Iraq War and even the currently on-going Afghanistan War has proved to be largely inconclusive even after a decade. While the NATO itself, or at least the United States, has paid dearly for such campaigns, these wars could easily have been avoided had the powers of the world intended to do so.

If we consider the possibility of the United States and Israel putting pressure on the world powers to gather support for attacking Iran out of the fear that the Islamic Republic has developed nuclear weapons, then those world powers should be alarmed by the elimination of probably the greatest resistance to the American interests in the Middle East. It is not just that powers like Russia and even China, which enjoy considerable influence in Iran thanks to its unpopularity with the United States and the West, will be concerned about another market or strategic partner lost, but it would also mean war, further escalation of oil prices before things are stabilized again (which will be pretty unlikely for quite some time), destruction and a lot of complications if any one of other nations choose to jump into the conflict.

It would be incorrect to say that the major world powers other than the United States and the European Union have not been diplomatically active to counter the almost unilateral and uncompromising action of the NATO, but it would not be wrong to assert that those half-hearted efforts have not been good enough at all. As far as the required military alliance is concerned, some people may point out that the CSTO exists for the purpose. The problem is far beyond the reach of the CSTO and it is hardly something that comes even close to the diplomatic alliance required for a mutual defense strategy against the NATO. The SCO or the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is one organization that comes close to the required strategic alliance to curtail the American influence in Asia Pacific, but it largely deals with economic affairs instead of military and strategic ones.

What the world really needs is that the members of both the CSTO and the SCO, extended to NATO members which could develop genuine differences with the organization, such as Turkey, to form a serious military alliance to curtail the influence of the NATO. Another Warsaw Pact, if you will. The alliance could include nations from Russia and China to the willing former-Soviet Central Asian and East European Republics and from Pakistan to Iran. Even North Korea could be a part of this alliance, at least unofficially. The exact specification of the member states for such an alliance does not really matter as long as there is an agreement to block the growth of US interests in the Middle East, as the fall of Iran and Pakistan would mean the absolute domination of the United States in the region and this is going to be the front in the future.

While countries like Turkey, India, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan could at least be convinced to work for maintaining the balance of power in the region, India would not really find joining such a defensive alliance in its interests. The strategic interests of India are aligned with the United States at the moment and the last thing it would want to do is joining a defensive alliance against the NATO. Even Turkey would not enter such an alliance being a member of the NATO itself, but at least these are the countries which can prove to be valuable diplomatic assets to such a treaty and with the diplomatic and strategic alliance of such a nature, the elements in the European Union skeptical of the US foreign policy could be convinced to block the fulfilment of US ambitions through the NATO forces.

While calling for such a military alliance sounds like inviting World War III, but it would at least be a deterrent for the powers in the world which usually have no hesitation in going ahead with any military campaigns they have in mind, whatever the purpose may be. While it may not prevent violence and wars altogether, it would reduce the possibility of many wars that could otherwise result as the aftermath of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars of the first decade of the 21st century. It is up to the major powers of the world that are concerned about the growing influence of the United States in the Middle East to come out of their shells and to take solid measures of blocking any more unnecessary military conflicts that the world can do without.

At least for maintaining the balance of power, if not for peace.

Putting a Price on Food


Maybe we are missing something as humans. What we are really missing is realizing that we actually are animals and that we started out in the wild. Agriculture was not always there and neither were sophisticated cooking techniques. No doubt that resorting to the wild survival instincts would be frowned upon in the civilization. But why in the world would anyone do that when you have no other choice? After all, you need to survive.

Maybe it is a little audacious to declare that it is something humans are missing. Well, not all of them are. Maybe it is taken for granted in the civilized world, where food is abundant.  But it doesn’t matter as you could always get the food in the wild, unless you are living in a desert, or worse, a drought-stricken land. Hey, people have been surviving in the deserts for centuries. All you have to hope is that life exists there in one form or the other, because that is all you can eat. You eat life.

After all, animals eat and survive too and why expect that humans would be any different? No one is supplying them food, or even caring about how they get them. They survive, or they die.

Why do people get to the point of starving to death anyway? Why do they let themselves get to that point of no return? The point when someone from the civilized world has to come to them and feed them and photograph them and to publish the pictures around to collect funds for paying for their food? Why don’t they simply go hunting in the wild like their ancestors and eat anything that moves.

I think food is the most basic necessity that you could think of. It is the most basic of the basic human rights. Wait, not just human rights. Food is the right of any living entity, even bacteria. Nature, that is anything that is beyond the control of humans, provides for that right. It is just that humans have enough power to take that right away from their fellow creatures.

Yes, human beings are the only creatures who put a price on food.

Alright, I am not implying that those who grow and produce food must not get their share . Certainly, I don’t mean that the farmers who grow their food and the traders who sell it should be deprived of their rightful share of money, no doubt about it. But that does not take away the responsibility of those who have willing created a system that deprives millions of humans of enough food.

Just imagine that for a second. People starving to death. What good is a government if it cannot feed its people? To my mind any government that is not able to feed its people or offer them peace, freedom, medicine and security, has no reason for its existence. What other justification do we have for a government?

Humans are certainly not the only creatures to hoard food. We are just the only ones who hoard to deprive others of it and to store much more than the needs of a particular group of people responsible for it.

What we must remember are the most fundamental things and stop confusing ourselves with the completely unnecessary complex concepts that we are bombarded with everyday. Every human being is important, no matter where they live and every human being deserves food.

Food is more important than ideology.

Food is more important than politics.

If you are not feeding people, do not expect them to behave in a civilized manner. Because behind every civilized being is a wild creature who would do anything to survive.

But feeding people, like the ones starving in Somalia, is just not a priority of our species. Our priority is to pay for filthy, unnecessary and completely avoidable luxuries, but not feeding the starving. Imagine that, as a species, we do not have spare money to feed those who are dying of hunger and would surely fall prey to dangerous epidemic if no action is taken.


We could fund to send man to Mars. Yes, we have money for that. We also have the funds for building a supersonic jet that travels from London to Sydney within an hour. Yes, we have money for that. We even have money to build the most useless and the most ostentatious, tallest building in the world. You know where it is. It is like an erect penis, but sterile. Yes, a lot of money for that. Alright, I would not even mention wars. it is more or less a justifiable expenditure, wouldn’t you think. At least it relieves a lot of people of their misery.

Without any difficulty, the entire population of the world can be comfortably fed for a sum making up a very tiny fragment of the entire wealth of the world and only just a little more can be dedicated to agricultural research to boost productivity. If a unified global effort is made in this direction, not a soul in the world will go hungry, ever. You don’t even need to go and check any statistics to verify this fact. However, what you should go and verify is whether the leaders of the world have any intention to put this matter on their priority list.

It just simply isn’t there.

This means that we actually want people around the world to be hungry. To starve to death. There are initiatives like the World Food Program from the United Nations which is doing an excellent job but yet not doing enough. But then again, who runs the WFP? We do and it is anything but one of our top priorities. That is just one way. There are several others and providing food is just one little dimension. But at the end of the day, it is food that matters.

Then there are naïve questions such as why people live in barren lands where there is no hope. Actually the question makes sense but not a single answer to it would. The questioner should be told that relocating costs money, that no one likes to leave their home even if it is barren, and if they do, who would accept those people? Which country in the world would accept a migrating population of starving people? If even a single country actually does that, I would be pleasantly surprised.

Also, they don’t figure out that conditions have deliberately been created to cause the hunger in the first place. They would rather choose to die in their homes with dignity and peace by avoiding insult to injury. Furthermore, it is a myth that hunger is the problem of countries going through drought in Africa only. The problem is actually worldwide and even seemingly prosperous countries have considerable starving populations.  The severity, however, varies.

But it seems that it is in our interest to create conditions that lead to the starvation of certain populations in the world. Politics remain the greatest hurdle and it will continue to be in the future. Not that anything can be done about it. We cannot even agree on simple objective facts, let alone solving any complicated and difficult problems. Maybe we should try eliminating the starving population once and for all by creating a great war instead. But wait. We are actually doing that, but it is a slow and painful death.

The face of war has changed, or maybe it has not. Maybe people never realized the kind of war that has been waged on them for centuries. It is the war of inequality, deprivation and injustice. Not that there is any justice, or ever will be, but at least people can be provided with their fundamental rights, which fellow beings, just like them, with no other superior evolutionary characteristics except for money and power, enjoy for no other apparent reason.

We all share responsibility for the fact that populations are undernourished.

                                                                                – Pope John XXIII (May 3, 1960)

We are responsible for it. We have created it. Not some God, unless humans are one.

So it seems.

It is just another ugly fact which we may choose to overlook, and we will.

It is genocide. It is ethnic cleansing. And of not just one race.

A Holocaust that has been going on for centuries.

It is mass murder. It is a crime against humanity.

We commit it every day.

We are putting a price on food.

We are putting a price on life.

The Absence of Violence

What is Peace, but the Absence of Violence.

Just like Death is the Absence of Life.

But what can you do when Violence becomes the way of Life?

What can you do when Violence becomes the way to earn?

What can you do when Blood wets the dough for their breads?

What can you do when Violence holds their world together?

When it makes the world go round and round, or it will smash into the Sun.

We have a violent Instinct by nature.

Instinct, which tells us what the mind does not, cannot.

Tells us to be violent out of Fear.

But does Violence exist as a reaction to Fear?

Violence is also a Statement of power.

Violence is the Display of power and domination.

But the very fact that someone needs to do that shows how Fearful they are.

The Fear of losing power and domination.

When you have that Fear, it is little that cures you of it,

But the Mother of all Fears.




Wait, what about Justice?

What about it?

Where is Justice? Any Peace without it?

It is where you learned that word from.


When in Doubt, Choose Humanity: On the International Human Rights Day 2010

This is not a political post.

Only non-partisan, objective observations with a Humanitarian viewpoint.

December 10, 2010 is the International Human Rights Day.


There are a few things about Pakistan that I like on this day.

  • We have more freedom of speech now than ever before, and more than most countries around the world.
  • A completely independent media to report human rights violations.
  • Although dubbed a radical and an extremist country, there have been moderate and liberal regimes running the country for quite some time now. But due to the political and controversial nature of this factor, let’s drop this one.
  • Someone like Asma Jehangir, who talks about Human Rights, is elected the President of the Supreme Court Bar Association. Without being political, it is an encouraging sign that a human rights activist wins a poll. This clearly shows that people are actually progressive, although projected otherwise.
  • The courage and initiative of Sherry Rehman for proposing amendments in the blasphemy laws.
  • The Supreme Court, whether you like it or not, for taking stand against the corruption in the country, and a lot of other important issues.
  • The government officials taking stand against the death sentence of Asia Bibi, who has been accused of committing blasphemy.
  • Anything else that you can think of and is not in the list.

There are some problems about Pakistan that are still not resolved.

  • The need of a secular constitution.
  • The blasphemy laws.
  • The standard of living of the masses.
  • No intervention from the government in controlling the prices of basic necessities.
  • Basic education, let alone quality humanitarian education, to most of the country.
  • Better health facilities to rural areas and smaller cities.
  • The standard of life in Southern Punjab.
  • The standard of life in Interior Punjab
  • The standard of life in Interior Sindh
  • The standard of life in Balochistan.
  • The standard of life in the FATA.
  • The standard of life in rural areas in general.
  • The law and order situation in Karachi.
  • The unchecked rule of fuedals and political
  • The safety and security of the so-called Minorities in Pakistan.
  • The flood victims still struggling to survive.
  • The flood victims still looking for the promised aid.
  • Lack of tolerance and general humanitarian education.
  • Cutting funds for education.
  • Anything else that I am missing and that you know of.

And finally, that the Government of Pakistan does not look interested at all to make progress in most of these issues, particularly ensuring the access of quality humanitarian education in most parts of the country.

Maybe first they could start with offering them better food and clean drinking water.

But of course, it is not a priority at all.


Now, About the World Including Pakistan

There is only one observation I want to make about the Governments of the World.

Not even a single country of the world is really bothered about the violations of Human Rights taking place anywhere around the world. If they really were, they would do something about it.

The Governments of the World are also guilty of not believing in democracy and in “One Nation, One Vote” and accepting an institution like the United Nations Security Council, which, to me, is against the very spirit of the UN.


Easy to criticize others of the human rights violations in their countries, but you are guilty of forsaking humanity, when you don’t recognize the human rights violations taking place in your own.

And offering stupid excuses like Patriotism and Nationalism.

Albert Einstein once said:

“Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.”

How true.

He didn’t say that because he didn’t love his country, but because he knew what it could lead to.

If you take my advice:

When in doubt, choose humanity.


P. S. Post dedicated to all the people around the world working to help humanity and to improve the living standards of people. You help the world live on.

Pakistan Flood Damage – How To Make the World Realize?

A lot has been written about the Pakistan flood damages and a lot has been said about the flood relief effort. Despite the pressing statements made by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon declaring the 2010 Pakistan floods to be the worst natural disaster in a century, requiring no less than $460 million in aid for reconstruction and rehabilitation of the homeless and displaced, the world is yet to show an enthusiastic response.

Wait a minute. This figure was not demanded by Pakistan. It was independently suggested by the UN Secretary-General, who had actually been overwhelmed by the extent of devastation in the flood hit areas on his visit, which involved about 1,600 deaths and millions becoming homeless. These are the words of the Secretary-General as quoted by the New York Times.

“I will never forget the destruction and suffering I have witnessed today. I have witnessed many natural disasters around the world, but nothing like this.”

Those friends, who spend the entire lengths of their days spewing hatred against Pakistan, can demand an independent inquiry commission whether the UN Secretary-General was bribed by Pakistani officials to make the statement mentioning $460 million or not. They are most welcome to do so.

In my opinion, there are four kinds of people right now around the world outside Pakistan with respect to how they have responded to the tragedy.

1. Those who are really shocked by this tragedy and are overwhelmed by the magnitude of the disaster and would like to donate, even if $1, if they knew where to donate.

2. Those who are not really aware of the extent of the tragedy, but would donate if they knew.

3. Those who don’t want to know and don’t really care about the news.

4. Those who know about the extent of the tragedy, and the almost apocalyptic magnitude of the disaster, and who are sorry that people are dying, but are glad that it is a Muslim country, and especially  Pakistan, which certainly deserved it.

For the Type 1 people, I am really grateful to them as a Pakistani, and they certainly are the hope which is making the world go round. As for the Type 2 people, the people who are already aware of the extent of the tragedy need to educate them about it and to convey to them how they can help, which is why I felt compelled to write these lines. As for the Type 3 people, they would hardly know what human suffering is unless it befalls them one day, but maybe they would care if they came to know about it somehow.

The Type 4 people are the spice of the world, which really make being a Moslem, and especially being a Pakistani a fun job. They are the ones who are fast trying to turn the concept of Secularism into an Anti-Islamic ideology. By the way, I am a great believer in Secularism and an advocate of its importance myself, so none of this should be taken as a criticism on it. However, somehow I feel that many who claim to uphold secular values are more Anti-Islam than Secular.

These are the kind of people who would hate Muslims and Paksitanis even if there really were not terrorists among them, and have been hating them ever since they learned that they existed, even before 9/11, but of course, after the 2001 tragedy, that became fashionable. These are the hopeless types, and there is no use even talking to them because they can support causes as hopeless as opposing the construction of the NYC Ground Zero Mosque. How absurd can you get? Many of them would be cheering. I would just wish them luck and would tell them to enjoy the party. Just mentioned this, for many uneducated prefer politics over humanity.

Many countries have announced the aid, but there is a huge difference between announcing and delivering it. But of course, the process is not as simple as many consider it to be. However, the people who have been affected by flood are racing against time for their lives and people are dying every day. Those who are not swept away by flood waters, are dying of hunger and, most importantly, of thirst due to the lack of clean drinking water.

Those who succumb to the temptation of drinking the unclean flood water, since the hour of survival can be desperate, end up suffering from diseases like cholera, hepatitis and diarrhea, and that can speed up their demise. A few of such cases have already been reported by the local media. There are also a lot of other potential health threats, since such areas have no sanitation at all, and it is only left to chance what sort of diseases originate from the mess.

What most people do not realize is the fact that this humanitarian crisis could have its ill effects on the region. There is a risk of epidemic break out in the flood affected areas, which could even prove to be serious and contagious ones, which could spread to the major cities of the country with the mobility of victims, and which could also possibly spread to different parts of the region, or even all around the world, depending how worse things get. And no, this is not a terrorist threat from a Pakistani, which many Type 4 people read as “terrorist”, but simply a sincere warning of a probable danger. (Although the disease will reach me first before any one outside Pakistan)

The countries situated around Pakistan can take as many measures, in collaboration with the Pakistani authorities, to control the harmful effects of a possible pandemic breakout, restricting immigrants and visitors from Pakistan, but due to the number of people affected from the disaster and due to various other natural reasons, the risks could be greater than what we can imagine at this point. Let us just hope at this point that the aftermath of the flood does not give rise to an even worse humanitarian crisis.

Referring back to the $460 million mark required, not even half of that can be arranged for any time soon enough. Here, it is important to mention that this is merely a figure put forward by the UN Secretary-General and it is not absolutely mandatory to reach the target. Those who want to help should completely forget figures and simply offer whatever is comfortable to them, and this applies to both individuals and countries.

Of course $460 million is a large sum and it is not easy to arrange for it even for the largest and most advanced economies of the world, but as I said, the sum is immaterial, but not the intention and passion behind the aid. This is the spirit with which many people around the world are working in countries like the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, Norway, France, China and many others. It was especially good to see the aid offer from India.

Here I find necessary to mention that many people, particularly Type 4 people, are worried about the fact that Pakistan would request the international financial bodies, the United Nations and the United States to write off their external loans, so that they are able to fight this disaster. As a Pakistani, I personally hope that does not happen and that the loans stand the way they are. Pakistan should stop acting as if it is a liability to the world and must show character in such an hour.

But What You Should Not Forget

The thing that I want you to take away from reading these lines is the fact that whether you want to donate or not, or whether you are able to do so or not, just realize the extent of this tragedy, which is greater than the Indian Ocean Tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir Earthquake and the Haiti Earthquake all put together, if nothing more,  for that is the duty of every human being with a heart to those suffering this calamity, which could have affected anyone, anywhere around the world.

I don’t really blame anyone who finds it difficult to realize the extent of the tragedy, because I am right now comfortably sitting in my room typing these lines, living comfortably myself, while hundreds of miles from my home, this tragedy is taking place. Had I not learned about it consistently, and had not followed the damage, I would have been as unaware while living in Pakistan as anyone else would have been in another part of the world. But at least I can help more people to know about it, other than taking action in my personal capacity.

That is why I cannot appreciate enough the spirit of empathy and humanity already shown by people from around the world, but this post is meant for a Pakistani as much it is meant for a person who is not one. It is just a matter of seeing the matter with the right approach.  And yes, I would have spoken out in the same manner, had the disaster struck in any other part of the world. Because like many of you, I believe in humanity, not politics.

It is not just flood damage to Pakistan, it is a loss of the entire humanity. Just like the Indian Ocean Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina tragedy, the 2005 Kashmir Earthquake or the Haiti Earthquake.

In the end, I would just like to share with you a pictorial journey through the flood devastation, the most heart-breaking one that I could come across, and some images from which you may have already seen in the media. Please do follow the link below, if you feel compelled to take a look. – The Big Picture – Continuing Pakistan Floods

Thank you very much for your time.

Apology Note: If you were, in any way, offended by my commentary on the Type 4 people, I apologize to you with sincerity, but if you were offended and really want to help the cause, then there is no reason to take the offense because you are not a Type 4 person anyway. I don’t hate the Type 4 people either. I just think they can be a little unreasonable. I actually like them. They make the world an interesting place. And hey, all I did was to congratulate them on the disaster. What’s so wrong with that? I just don’t want to depress them. If you have taken offense for the whole post anyway, then that was certainly not what it was meant for. Just read the Donation Tip then.

Donation Tip: Those who don’t trust the Pakistani Government, and who would be rightful in thinking that way, can offer their aid to the WFP, UNICEF, International Red Cross and a number of other international institutions, which will ensure that the money is not just handed over to the Pakistani authorities, in order to prevent abuse, and which will ensure that the necessary supplies reach the flood victims.

As for the local efforts of provision of supplies to the flood victims, a lot of local groups and individuals in Pakistan are mobilizing to deliver as many people as they can reach given their resources, while the Pakistani Armed Forces, along with civil government officials, are controlling the main relief effort in all four provinces of the country.

For detailed information about the flood relief effort. Please refer to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)