The Mood to Talk

Source: Gary Busey/NBC/

Source: Gary Busey/NBC/

Someone starting to talk to you about something of your interest is like an appetizer really.

Baiting to make you want to go for more.

But then sometimes they withdraw, or have to.

I know this would sound ridiculous to a lot of people, but it is like coitus interruptus, or someone denying you orgasm after stimulation. Or perhaps leaving you with that terrible urge that chain smokers feel when they have not smoked for a while.

Why would stimulating your brain be any different to stimulating your genitals? Also, why does touching or manipulating your genitals get so much attention and doing the same to your brain does not even get a mention?

It’s just there is no apparent release point of this energy, depending on what kind of energy you are dealing with here.

I know not everyone may have the energy to keep up with the discussion, but this is how it works for some.

I would not mind passing out with an overdose at the end of the day, if you ask me.

But someone rightly pointed out to me.

Wouldn’t it kill the very purpose?

Worrying About Your Country

Are you one of the people who find it odd to carry out a long conversation with a stranger, or an acquaintance that you do not feel like talking to too much? Especially when it is intended to pass time and to overcome an instance of social awkwardness of one type, only to put you into another.

Whether you like it or not, but the only purpose worrying about your country is serving these days is offering a good subject of unwanted but inevitable conversation with a stranger or an acquaintance that you do not feel like talking to, but have to. Or maybe, have always been.

Always works.

However, you may always not get to say what you really want to say or think.

Depends on the person, and even the time and the place, and the stakes…

Oh well, have to live with it.

P. S. This post is dedicated to Pakistan