Entering the 30s

Source: NASA/JPL

Source: NASA/JPL

Every individual has a different life. Different experiences, different circumstances and different kind of people to deal with.

This is why everyone has a different perspective when they reach a certain stage of their lives. The things they have learned and experienced are unique and of course play a part in how they see themselves, their lives and everything else.

Many of you would have been way past your 30s and many of you would have a long way to get there. But I can tell you how it feels to be at this moment of my life right now.

At this point of time, life does not look like a mistake, yet it does.

At this point of time, I am glad to be alive, while not at the same time.

And at this point, I am looking at death in the eye, while I want to look away and turn to life at the same time.

But one thing I can say with certain pretentiously humble skepticism. It is that I perceive myself to be a much better person.

Not morally by any means, but through learning and experience. At least much more confident, free and comfortable, especially considering that we are condemned to live in a prison.

Even though I know and am absolutely sure that I am pathetic by all the standards that will follow the next day.

But this does not mean at all that I am not bound by circumstances, or problems, or people or all the pain that life stands for. I feel more bound than I ever was and I expect it to get worse with time.

But I still have the energy to fight my way through it right now, I feel.

Well so far.

Till the next Saturn Return.