Mumbai is Where My Friends Live: A Pakistani on 26/11

I wanted to write something on this day which marks the second year since the occurrence of the tragic 26/11 Mumbai Attacks to honor the memory of the people who lost their lives on that tragic day, but it was too overwhelming, words failed me. So I thought maybe the eloquent words of the President of the United States could help me.

As a Pakistani, I feel an unspoken guilt that Kasab was a Pakistani national and that the attacks were planned by Pakistani terrorist groups, but also the confidence and relief that the people of Pakistan have nothing to do with those terrorists.


Because I and We don’t mean any harm to the Indian people.

Mumbai is where my friends live.

Among other places.

I condemn wars and violence.

No wars.

Not for Kashmir, not for anything.

It was plainly terrorism. A common enemy of India and Pakistan.


Shalom and Peace friends, in Mumbai and wherever you are. And Be Safe.