The Absence of Violence

What is Peace, but the Absence of Violence.

Just like Death is the Absence of Life.

But what can you do when Violence becomes the way of Life?

What can you do when Violence becomes the way to earn?

What can you do when Blood wets the dough for their breads?

What can you do when Violence holds their world together?

When it makes the world go round and round, or it will smash into the Sun.

We have a violent Instinct by nature.

Instinct, which tells us what the mind does not, cannot.

Tells us to be violent out of Fear.

But does Violence exist as a reaction to Fear?

Violence is also a Statement of power.

Violence is the Display of power and domination.

But the very fact that someone needs to do that shows how Fearful they are.

The Fear of losing power and domination.

When you have that Fear, it is little that cures you of it,

But the Mother of all Fears.




Wait, what about Justice?

What about it?

Where is Justice? Any Peace without it?

It is where you learned that word from.