Kharcha Paani: Tracking Pakistan’s Bribery Path

Something worth sharing and worth spreading.

I have been told that has come up with something really impressive. At least it impressed me, therefore I thought that it should get a mention in this space.

The project is called Kharcha Paani, the slang euphemism for bribery in India, and allows almost anyone with an internet connection to map and post their story whenever they are made to bribe someone in Pakistan, regardless of the sector of the economy or government.

Bribery tracking websites in the region probably originated in India with being one of the most prominent one and became an inspiration to a lot of similar projects in other countries. I guess Kharcha Paani is not the first such website in Pakistan, being an existing Pakistani version. Nevertheless, this initiative should certainly be appreciated. Much needed with the rapidly changing trends of internet usage in the country.  Too bad they don’t reflect the actual bribery rate in the country, but that can gradually improve. People make it work.

At least educated Pakistanis who know how to use facebook should be able to use this, though I don’t hope to use this tool. But I will if I have to. It will not stop them from asking for bribes, which you can always pay whenever it makes things convenient for you anyway (it can never be completely eliminated, fact), but it will at least offer a brutally true reflection of what this society is made of. Dishonesty and corruption that should be emphasized to tear down its false self-righteousness.

Who knows it could even reduce bribery cases some day.

The project could always be extended to other media, offering the masses access to a similar idea somehow.