The Iqbal Day Post: Pakistan Need to Revisit Iqbal for Inspiration

On this day, November 9, in 1877, Allama Muhammad Iqbal was born. His works had great impact on whoever they reached, particularly the Muslim community of India. Like the undying words of a Philosopher-Poet, his legacy lives on.

The Poet of the East and the Sage of the Nation.

We are good at bestowing titles, but never following what the Great Sage would say.

While Pakistan is in a state of shambles thanks to a morally corrupt mechanism of government and disenchanted masses with a lack of direction, it will not take more than a minute to get everything fixed.

Not more than a minute to find direction, not more than a minute if the intentions were right.

Adversity is not misfortune. It is in fact, the best of the teachers and trainers.

In the words of Nietzsche, What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

However, snap out of false pride, megalomania and blind patriotism. If you need to build a strong fortress, then build on the foundation of honesty, truth and if there is any such thing, justice.

Maybe this is what you need to fly higher, the resistance of a strong gust of wind.

Only struggling will keep you afloat, keep you from drowning.


The Words of Iqbal.

طالب علم

خدا تجھے کسی طوفاں سے آشنا کر دے

کہ تیرے بحر کی موجوں میں اضطراب نہی

تجھے کتاب سے ممکن نہیں فراغ کہ تو

کتاب خواں ہے مگر صاحب کتاب نہیں

To the Student

May God Offer Thee a Storm to Fight

A Challenge for the Ship of Thy Effort

Have Ye Time to Ponder, O Reader of the Book

That Ye Read Without Learning

We know everything we need to know.

Do we want to act is the question?

You could keep on sleeping though.

I hope I never wake up after I fall asleep.

Therefore, today

If only for a moment

Revisit Iqbal.