Trump Meets Trump: Why Our Prime Minister is a Joke

Source: Pakistan Today

July 22 witnessed one of the most cringeworthy political moments ever in history. In a rare Trump meets Trump moment, which we can only hope never to see again, President Donald Trump met with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. To nobody’s surprise, the two got along very well together. The foreign office declaring the “tour went better than expected,” it is widely hailed as a diplomatic success for Pakistan. Largely due to Trump’s irresponsibility in his bid to impress Pakistan to help with the talks with the Taliban. Trump allegedly falsely attributed Prime Minister Modi requesting US arbitration for Kashmir, other than making a couple of other disastrous statements, especially the one about wiping out Afghanistan off the face of Pakistan.

During the press conference, the two anti-media leaders found good cause to bond with each other. Their mutual disdain for the media in their respective countries, as much as that media has played a role in raising them to the position of power. Even though the dynamics are different in Pakistan, and the media is freer in the United States to really reflect on it, it is food for thought considering their action and reputation as heads of government.

However, the moment that truly laid bare the lies and hypocrisy of Prime Minister Imran Khan was his comment on the curbs of freedom of the press in Pakistan. An answer that should have shocked everyone around the world and present in that room was that the Pakistani media was freer than the British media. Imran Khan said that he had been attacked by the media day in and day out and the notion that “the freedom of the Pakistani press is being curbed is a joke.”
Pakistani journalists who are already battling every day with the Deep State for their survival instantly slammed this malicious and arrogant comment. An op-ed piece in Washington Post effectively chronicled some of the most prominent curbs on the media in Pakistan probably the very next day. The comment clearly insulted the people of Pakistan who were witnessing some of the worst curbs on their freedom of expression since the Zia regime, arguably the worst dictatorship Pakistan has ever suffered. And there is a reason for that.

Here is the full video of the Trump and Imran Khan meeting.


The Prime Minister who supposedly carried himself immaculately through the Fox News interview ended up making a gaffe that the Government of Pakistan would like you to pretend it didn’t happen. While saying that Shakeel Afridi was in the jail for committing a crime that hurt the sentiments of the people of Pakistan and committed treason, that is reporting the location of Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad, he also claimed that the Pakistani military intelligence ISI had informed the Americans about his location ahead of the attack. Interestingly, that contradicts the position of the state.
Had Nawaz Sharif, Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, or especially Maryam Nawaz Sharif had made that statement, they must have been booked under Article 6 by now. However, the selected Prime Minister can make as many gaffes such as this as possible.
Speaking of which, for the brilliant, unifying, national leader he is. This was the greatest highlight of his petty, partisan and treasonous speech in front of a crowd made up of Pakistani expatriates in the United States in a DC arena who have no connection to the lives of people in Pakistan anymore. However, what they do have in common with the urban nationalist conservatives. What they were cheering was Imran’s vow to remove the air conditioner from the jail cell of an ailing Nawaz Sharif, the legitimate Prime Minister disqualified before the 2018 elections, who should not have been jailed in the first place.

Considering how things are going downhill in the country since the PTI has assumed office, that DC arena is pretty much the only rally space the selected Prime Minister will be able to fill.

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