The Bronchitis Post



For the second straight year, at this very time of the year, I have been hit with the terrible condition of Bronchitis. Now that I think about it, it was perfectly avoidable, regardless of the fact that I have seen many people in the community exhibiting similar symptoms.

The dry roughness of the parts from the nasal cavity all the way down to the trachea makes this condition absolutely unbearable for the initial days, not to mention the brain-paralyzing fever. And not sure if it gets any better unless you pursue aggressive treatment proactively. I am not sure if you can leave this condition as it is and wait for it to get better. Maybe you can, but not sure. I was prescribed antibiotics and an NSAID. In any case, I guess this must be the closest you get to pneumonia.

Sickness can really paralyze your body and mind, but it has its due share of pleasures. It offers you the reshuffling of brain cells required for the much needed clarity every now and then. Not to mention the freshness of perspective and a renewed sharpness for concentration. Or maybe it’s just the drugs that I am heavily under the influence of these days. Though I am still pretty dizzy, 7 days and counting. So probably you do need a jolt like this every now and then to get your act straight and wear down the lethargy of being healthy.

However, the note to myself following this experience is what I would probably be ignoring around this time of the next year. Cover yourself properly when winter gets at its worst. Especially when you don’t have the most enviable heating around, if at all.

Cold kills people. It kills hundreds of people in this part of the world, by which I mean, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Afghanistan. Particularly the homeless without adequate heat and shelter. It has even killed at least a dozen on the US East Coast following one of the worst blizzards in history.

And this is probably how the cold kills.