The Third Ballot


So I voted and returned home.

Safely, thankfully, and without any recommendations for voting in the way, thankfully. My constituency, or polling station, has been pretty democratic perhaps. Or so it seems.

There were two ballots.

One Green, One White. The former for the National Assembly representative and the latter for the Provincial legislature.

I was wondering there if I had a third ballot, Pink perhaps, or even Yellow, I am not particular about the color. But a third ballot anyway, on which I could have voted for the Prime Minister.

Because I want to go on record that I did vote by candidate and not by party.

And that I voted for two candidates who happened to be from two different political parties.

And that I would have voted for the Prime Minister for a potential candidate who would have been from a different political party than those of the candidates that I voted for.

So if you are a Pakistani lawmaker, and if you are reading this, why can’t we include that third ballot, and let the people choose for themselves who they want to see as their Prime Minister.