No Place for Human Rights in Politics

Source: © 1957 AB Svensk Filmindustri

There is no place for human rights in politics.

You may consider this statement insensitive and absurd, but it pretty much is the harsh reality. I would like to think otherwise as well.

A conclusion that you can reach after carefully analyzing the events of history, both near and distant. The examples are simply so many that it almost seems futile to waste your time and energy on that. Take all the wars of the twentieth and the twenty-first centuries as an example. For some, the post will simply be a case of stating the obvious and something as obvious as a straightforward mathematical equation. For others, it will be something terribly unacceptable since quite a few politicians are genuinely sincere about human rights. But it needs to be shamelessly stated over and over again, without whining about it, if you would like to see it that way.

Sometimes it seems so absurd to complain to governments about human rights because that is simply not a priority to them, unless if it is a project that aligns with their interests. States are concerned about their survival, as individuals are, but they are far more powerful and have much greater control over the lives of individuals for their decisions to not to affect them. This is why in their bid of survival, growth and glory, a lot of bad things happen to the individuals who either work to make it happen or stand in their way.

However, saying that does not mean that you should not have a regard for human rights as a human being neither does that imply that politics should not have a place for human rights. Apparently, politics does have a place for human rights. Everyone talks about it as long as they do not feel threatened. Because guess what, politicians talk about human rights all the time. And that really makes an observer sick up to the stomach. Not all politicians are alike and not all are as deceptive and corrupt as others. Some may even be genuinely honest. But most of the time, you would find such politicians with the weakest of control and influence.

While I do not want to ruin the point this post is making by offering specific examples that will influence you in a partisan manner, you can pretty much find a number of examples in today’s world and in ancient history. There is a saying from the great Biblical wisdom, try discarding this one if you will, that nothing has changed under the sun and that is pretty much true for politics if not for anything else. The only difference is that individual lives has become more secure in some parts of the world, though there are people out there who even doubt that seriously.

Warfare has not changed much and invading armies treat the people as brutally as they ever did. No matter who the offender is and no matter what part of the world it is. But I have already mentioned in quite a few of my posts earlier that politics has a discriminatory and insincere approach towards human rights and you feel almost hypocritical talking about human rights when you are defending a state at the same time. It’s not the people’s fault though. That is what they are supposed to believe. That their states support human rights. Of all the states active in geopolitics, I cannot think of one which does and of all the other states, their silence makes them as guilty perhaps. Or maybe they are better off that way.

You need to be very good at handling cognitive dissonance to be able to promote human rights while defending states, or you either need a very short memory or a very religious devotion to whatever party you are supporting. To the thinking brain, this can very much mean disgust and contempt for everything related to human morality in whatever form it exists on the planet. Therefore, it is good if you do not take any sides at all but not necessarily bad if you do take sides with whatever entity you follow. Anyone with a political motivation seems to be up for something evil and if you do not participate in it and do not kill your competition first, you will be killed anyway.

As the politically active mind of Plato said,

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.

                                                                                 – Plato (428 – 347 BCE)

Integrate that to petty domestic politics if you will, but I am concerned about a much broader perspective over here. Surely nothing in the world can stop you from being robbed by your local powerhouses, no matter which side you vote for, but how about politics on a broader canvas? But even on the domestic level, not sure if the people you consider your inferiors are really the way you perceive them. Surely you are inferior if you are not in power even though you perceive them inferior to you intellectually. But if you are able to survive and do not consider power important, then surely you are better off. But that’s relative.

In the world we live in, abstract intellectualism is not really a standard for superiority. It is power and pragmatic tact. In our world, there is a huge difference between how things should be and how they actually are. The world of politics is as deceptive and human relations as complicated. If you remember that, the words you have just read have not just gone wasted. It will not help you to gain power niether will it allow you to clinch glory. But it could save you from disappointment and delusions and may even save you from a rock rolling down the hill. You know, staying out of harm’s way.

Whoever is in power is your enemy.

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  1. The planet has moved into the new age of Aquarius – a new paradigm which speaks of self-empowerment. See the rising of the masses who have been silent in the past? The energy has indeed shifted and people are reclaiming their individual rights- the gift of free will that they were born with. Interesting times, yes?

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