Making the Most of Your Health

I was sick the entire last week. While being sick once in a while can actually be refreshing, as that can really cleanse your brain of the waste that occupies it during your usual routine, at least it is a great mind-cleanser as far as the effects of the social media are concerned, it can still be a troubling experience. When you are ill, you find enough time for reflection, if you do not find the energy to continue with your usual work, as was the case with me this time around.

The main thought that keeps on coming back to your mind when you are quite close to dying is what your life could have been. I have had these thoughts before and surely I will have these thoughts again, as almost every one of us will. But it is always useful if you get to think like that while you are still in your prime and when the old age has not yet set on to the horizons of your mind and body.

The greatest thought that occupied my dizzy mind during the illness was the fact that there is no such thing as health and that I should make the most of my health and youth as much as I can and as long as I have them. This recalls to mind the age-old saying that we mostly take for granted that health is the greatest wealth, which indeed is true.

So maybe I would try my best to see as much of the world as I possibly can and maybe take my camera along with me to preserve the memories, or maybe I would complete some of my unfinished projects without further ado. But all that requires action, so enough of words.

I am making the most of my health, while it lasts.


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  1. I always savor those moments in life that make you appreciate what you have. Even if it takes a few sick days to do it!

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