The Immoral Society

So what is the matter with them?

Why have they become so senseless? Why does no one care?

They don’t care about anyone, because no once cares about them.

Why are they so insensitive, so barbaric, so violent in their demeanor?

Because that is how they survive everyday. Because they know not what education is.

Why are they not educated, then?

So they do not become aware of who they are.

Why are the rest educated, then?

So that they come to know who they are.

Why is there selective “justice” out there? Why does one criminal go unpunished while the other is crucified?

Because they have been fed with lies and guarded by criminals who make sure they don’t rebel against civilization.

But selective justice?

We all practice selective justice.

Why do they speak so indecently?

Because they have no idea what decency is.

Why are they so rude?

Because they have been treated very harshly and consider that the way of survival.

Why do they kill for money?

Because no one told them that life was priceless.

What the hell, who did all this?

The architects of civilization. This is how it has been for hundreds of thousands of years.

Why did they do this?

To condemn them. To have something to oppress and condemn.

Why do they live in filth?

It’s their home.

Why the hell do they live like this?

They think there is nothing wrong with that.

Why are they even alive?

They were not asked for their permission when they were being sent to the world.

What are they?

Animals. Just like you.

Are they rats?

Not really. But they live with them.

Why are you so apologetic about them?

Because they don’t have to apologize to the people who need to apologize to them.

Don’t you care about them?

No one cares about them.

Do they need help?

At this rate, they just want to be left alone.

But at least they are humans. They must be moral if nothing else.

They were not offered the morals that you deem appropriate. They were offered highly inappropriate morals. They eat, drink, buy, sell, read, write, fuck and live highly inappropriate things too.


A deprived society is an immoral society.

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  1. Thanks for the helpful blog.

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