Making the Most of Your Health

I was sick the entire last week. While being sick once in a while can actually be refreshing, as that can really cleanse your brain of the waste that occupies it during your usual routine, at least it is a great mind-cleanser as far as the effects of the social media are concerned, it can still be a troubling experience. When you are ill, you find enough time for reflection, if you do not find the energy to continue with your usual work, as was the case with me this time around.

The main thought that keeps on coming back to your mind when you are quite close to dying is what your life could have been. I have had these thoughts before and surely I will have these thoughts again, as almost every one of us will. But it is always useful if you get to think like that while you are still in your prime and when the old age has not yet set on to the horizons of your mind and body.

The greatest thought that occupied my dizzy mind during the illness was the fact that there is no such thing as health and that I should make the most of my health and youth as much as I can and as long as I have them. This recalls to mind the age-old saying that we mostly take for granted that health is the greatest wealth, which indeed is true.

So maybe I would try my best to see as much of the world as I possibly can and maybe take my camera along with me to preserve the memories, or maybe I would complete some of my unfinished projects without further ado. But all that requires action, so enough of words.

I am making the most of my health, while it lasts.

About Peace

Peace seems to be unrealistic, idealistic, utopian and absurd. But it is achieved the moment you want it.

People are the key to peace, not governments.

The most wonderful thought to me is that amid all the conflict, individuals can connect to each other as understanding friends, regardless of creed, caste or any other label.

If they learn to live with each other, accept, respect and appreciate each other,  despite the conflict design that ensures that they do otherwise, the world would be a much better, more pleasant place to live.

But then again, most people would want to want to have peace.

If only.

The Immoral Society

So what is the matter with them?

Why have they become so senseless? Why does no one care?

They don’t care about anyone, because no once cares about them.

Why are they so insensitive, so barbaric, so violent in their demeanor?

Because that is how they survive everyday. Because they know not what education is.

Why are they not educated, then?

So they do not become aware of who they are.

Why are the rest educated, then?

So that they come to know who they are.

Why is there selective “justice” out there? Why does one criminal go unpunished while the other is crucified?

Because they have been fed with lies and guarded by criminals who make sure they don’t rebel against civilization.

But selective justice?

We all practice selective justice.

Why do they speak so indecently?

Because they have no idea what decency is.

Why are they so rude?

Because they have been treated very harshly and consider that the way of survival.

Why do they kill for money?

Because no one told them that life was priceless.

What the hell, who did all this?

The architects of civilization. This is how it has been for hundreds of thousands of years.

Why did they do this?

To condemn them. To have something to oppress and condemn.

Why do they live in filth?

It’s their home.

Why the hell do they live like this?

They think there is nothing wrong with that.

Why are they even alive?

They were not asked for their permission when they were being sent to the world.

What are they?

Animals. Just like you.

Are they rats?

Not really. But they live with them.

Why are you so apologetic about them?

Because they don’t have to apologize to the people who need to apologize to them.

Don’t you care about them?

No one cares about them.

Do they need help?

At this rate, they just want to be left alone.

But at least they are humans. They must be moral if nothing else.

They were not offered the morals that you deem appropriate. They were offered highly inappropriate morals. They eat, drink, buy, sell, read, write, fuck and live highly inappropriate things too.


A deprived society is an immoral society.

Imagine Revenge For This

Hiroshima After the Bombing - Source:

As discussed in the previous post, revenge is almost a common “instinctive behavior” among humans and whenever they are attacked by their enemies, unless their minds are polluted and adulterated by the ideas of non-violence, they consider it important to avenge the disgrace and the damage, which perhaps is a sign of an intelligent species. 66 years ago, this day, in the final days of World War II, the United States military dropped a “Little Boy” over the Japanese port city of Hiroshima, and three days later, a “Fat Man” on Nagasaki. The war had almost ended, but soon after this miraculous incident, the declaration of surrender was issued by the Japanese. A great victory.

Perhaps this particular attack was revenge for Pearl Harbor, another atrocious act of war, but the question that many ask is whether this really was justifiable as a revenge. It’s actually even absurd to consider that for a second, let alone making a comparison. The loss of lives in any case is equal, without considering the death toll from both the events. However, the magnitude of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was overwhelmingly horrific to say the least.

Whatever may be the reasons for bombing the two Japanese cities, since it has been one of the greatest mysteries baffling people around the world for more than half a century, the extent of pain and damage caused by it is terrifyingly evident. Though it can be said with confidence that the people responsible for the act would have a clear idea, as to some “it saved countless lives”. Possibly. What a sacrifice, but it looked more like a shameless display of power than anything else. The rest of the world and probably the future Japanese generations have been saved the trouble of really knowing much about it in detail due to the limited information resources and telecommunications at the time.

Should such an incident occur in our times, you would instantly witness a live commentary on the social media from an observable distance from which telecommunication systems could operate even if the mainstream news channels choose to overlook the detailed coverage of the event. However, the generation surviving the nuclear attack and those who witnessed the most terrible sight of their lives in the bombing, did actually decide to document the aftermath as much as they could, which can now be found in the respective memorials and museums in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which any visitor to these cities can conveniently skip when it comes to sightseeing, if anyone chooses those destinations at all for recreation.

From such overwhelming evidence, it is not hard to see what even a very relatively weak nuclear warhead could do to the planet, let alone the thought of its damage on human flesh and bone, and on most of all, nerves.  Imagine a storm-like shockwave hitting you faster than the speed of sound where you are sitting right now, with debris collapsing around you under the pressure of something like 5.0 psi, or lesser, or higher, and if you survive the impact, imagine the scorching heat from the explosion that could burn out your flesh and set your nerves on fire.

Photo: Alfred Eisenstaedt

Even if someone is good or lucky enough to survive the impact and the sound and heat from the explosion, they could hardly escape the poisoning of radiation, which can prove to be even more sickening and torturous as you discover its terrible effects with the passage of time, once you realize what in the world really has happened.  It is indeed even a horrific thing to imagine, and even more terrifying is the thought of retaliation for such an action anywhere in the world. If you are living in one of the trouble(-making/expecting)  countries of the world, then the probability of finding yourself in such a situation significantly increases.

It was the same fear that engulfed the world, particularly two nations, during the Cold War era. If you recall all those underground shelters that everyone would want to have. Still ironically, this period saw the greatest number of nuclear explosions on the surface and the atmosphere of the planet than any other period and let us hope that those years maintain that record to their name. With several nations possessing and actively using the nuclear technology, a lot of people believe that rejecting such fears may be a touch too optimistic.

However, apart from strategic conflicts of the modern world, the real question was to consider how outrageously audacious the decision of bombing not one, but two cities, mostly filled with innocent women and children who had little part to play in the war except for their relation to the men of the country and for playing their unavoidable part in its society and economy.

It is indeed a shame for humanity and global powers that the persons responsible for this act have never even been considered to be prosecuted by a tribunal of war crimes. Not that it would do any good, but just saying this because somehow the people around the world are a bit too keen on finding justice, whatever that means.

But then again, war crimes are only committed by the enemy.

To some, the Japanese at the time “made the US to drop the bomb” on these two cities to subdue them, but the point is that the ones who suffered were innocent people who had nothing to do with any policy making whatsoever, as in all wars actually, and no discrimination or error of judgement should be made in questioning those who were responsible, if anyone ever feels the need to do that.

But if you ever have to picture the horrors and pain of what Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks would have been like, just imagine revenge for this.

Consider what would become of the world if we start taking an eye for an eye for this.

Right now, the Japanese are apparently among the most peaceful, thoughtful, disciplined and civilized people in the world.

But after all, they are humans.