Pakistan Needs an Ambedkar

B. R. Ambedkar (1891-1956)

This is to offer a tribute to one of the greatest figures in the History of India, B. R. Ambedkar, who was a political leader, a scholar and most of all a legislator and thinker, on his birthday. He was one of the people whose vision combined the various ethnicities, states, languages and religions of India. There is not much you can say to admire this great man, except for the fact that you recognize his services for the Modern Republic of India.

Even if I am not an Indian national, it gives me great pride and joy to even know that such a man served India, and I would be as much proud had I been one. His work pertaining to the untouchables and underprivileged castes of India has played a phenomenal role in at least earning them their rightful status as equal citizens in a badly segmented and segregated society.

He was the Chairman of the Drafting Commission of the Constitution of India, a secular, socialist and democratic foundation of the Indian state, which combined its various castes, creeds, cults and states under the flag of the Union. Ambedkar can be the source of inspiration not just for Indians, but for anyone around the world who believes in secular values, equality, justice and liberty. And perhaps no other country needs thinkers and figures like Ambedkar than Pakistan.

Pakistan, struggling with its internal conflicts of ethnic and religious nature, has been plagued by a community-oriented constitution. While making such a change would not fix everything overnight, but it would offer just the right start and the foundation to build a stronger and prosperous country.

Pakistan needs an Ambedkar.

5 Responses

  1. India needs an Ambedkar too! His name & work has been abused, misused and corrupted beyond belief such that now in places like Uttar Pradesh, he has become the antithesis of everything he actually stood for in his lifetime.
    Keep writing this honestly Haroon. I love the fact that you are not a dreary cynic. In the kind of world you & live in, we need more people like you who highlight the good rather than focus only on the bad.

  2. I meant ‘the kind if world you & *I* live in’. Damn these typos 😀

  3. Totally agree dude..well written

  4. Haroon yes your interpretation is true ,that Pakistan needs Ambedkar. And Purnima’s comment is also right that India needs an Ambedkar too. But my opinion is that ,not only Pakistan & India but entire world needed Ambedkar, that is because Ambedkarism is a global ideology which can reconstruct the world on the basis of four golden principle of Justice, Equality, Liberty ,& Fraternity.

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