David Lean – “Nothing is Written”

Sir David Lean (1908 - 1991) Source: mptvimages.com

David Lean is one of the greatest film directors of all time. His works included films like Great Expectations (1946) and Doctor Zhivago (1965). He won two Academy Awards for Best Director for his most famous and admired movies The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) and Lawrence of Arabia (1962), considered among the best motion pictures of all time.  He received the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Film Institute in 1990.

His work inspires many of the important directors of our times, especially Steven Spielberg, who once said that he always visited a David Lean movie before making a film himself after he had the honor of having a director’s commentary session with Lean on Lawrence of Arabia.

For further details, check his filmography at the IMDB.


A glimpse of how he perceived filmmaking.

I think people remember pictures not dialogue. That’s why I like pictures.

Film is a dramatized reality and it is the director’s job to make it appear real… an audience should not be conscious of technique.

Always cast against the part and it won’t be boring.

I wouldn’t take the advice of a lot of so-called critics on how to shoot a close-up of a teapot.

I like making films about characters I’d like to have dinner with.


On the birthday of the master British filmmaker, one of the most important lessons to learn from one of his most famous works Lawrence of Arabia (1962), an epic based on the life of T. E. Lawrence, a British soldier and writer who played a great part in changing the face of World War I for the British and Allies on the Arabian Front against Turkey.

Nothing is Written.

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