The Sialkot Carnage: Are Pakistanis Becoming a Savage Nation?

While the nation was busy dealing with the destruction and devastation of the flooding, yet another tragedy was unfolding in Sialkot on August 15, 2010. Two brothers, named Moiz Butt, aged 18, and Muneeb But, aged 16, were brutally tortured and were beaten to death in public in a village near Sialkot. Not by the Taliban, but by the general public. It was just not murder, it was something much worse. It was a slow, torturing, painful and horrific death. They made them suffer for hours, brutally beat them with metallic rods, stones, bricks and canes and God knows what else.

There can not be a good enough or an encompassing post on this tragic incident, and maybe this is not the first time that such a barbaric and brutal act has taken place in the sub-continent, given the rich history of the region in riots and mob attacks. But still, there is something about this incident which is very tragic, and more shameful than the similar ones occurring in Karachi, for example, in which angry public mobs burnt three robbers alive, who were caught red-handed. I hope I am just not overreacting in publishing this post.

They were just two young boys, who were somehow alleged to be “robbers” by the self-righteous local village mob, and were later confirmed not guilty of any crime at all. I won’t go into details of the case history, neither do I know about them  too much like most people, and it does not matter anyway, since murdering someone like this in absolutely unacceptable. This not only shows how barbaric and insensitive the general public have become, but also how inhuman, morally corrupt and ineffective the state institutions and law enforcement authorities are.

Even video clips were recorded of the incident, which is why everyone can feel its intensity. The media crews arrived and documented the incident. The Punjab Emergency Rescue Service 1122 arrived at the spot for help, but the police and the security administration of the corrupt bureaucrats working in the area prevented anyone from interrupting the carnage. The boys were totally innocent and belonged to a law-abiding and noble family living in Sialkot and were the sons of one Sajjad Butt.

First of all, let me apologize for posting these clips of this incident, but I need to document them in order to present the evidence of the case under discussion and also to convey the intensity of this incidence and why am I so upset about it.

I recommend you not to watch these clips at all if you are sensitive to violence or have a weak constitution. If you have to watch, then maybe you should not go through the entire length of the clips. These clips will only offer you an idea about the intensity of this savage, brutal and barbarian act and are only posted here to offer an evidence to this tragic incident. If the description of the incident is enough for you, I advise you to skip them altogether, if you are not one of those curious types.

The incident as reported by Geo News.

The incident discussed in Dunya TV talk show Hasb-e-Haal, through which I learned about it.

This is the most graphic video, so you can choose not to view it. However, as an evidence I am posting it anyway. Apologies to anyone who considers it offensive, but viewer discretion has been advised.

Yet another graphic and horrific depiction, which goes to show how brutal were the mob. Viewer discretion advised. If the description suffices you, you can choose to avoid the pain of watching this clip.

They were brutally beaten, bathed in their own blood, with almost everyone putting in their “contribution” to make them bleed even further, which shockingly even involved old men and little children. Then they were dragged on the roads and were finally hanged and humiliated. They even tell me that they finally put their bodies outside their homes transported to there by putting them on a truck. I have a feeling these brutal savages knew who these boys were and that they were specifically targeted.

The account in the media, that the boys were thought to be “burglars”, since there had been a burglary in that neighborhood just earlier, does not convince me at all. Maybe it is true, but if it is, only shows how cold-hearted and cruel those people were. The people were really beating the boys, as it is evident from these clips. I have a feeling that there is more to this story, which is being covered up by the people, the corrupt DPO, the local administration and the criminal police of the area.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary has taken the notice of this incident and has slammed the Sialkot DPO Waqar Chauhan over this tragedy. As a matter of fact, all of the civil servants operating in the area  should step down after this incident, and the “criminal” police should take responsibility for this carnage. In fact, almost a weak is about to elapse and the police  is still unable to submit a report for this incident.

A Word on the Morality of the People

This incidence occurred during the Holy Month of Ramadan, which is still continuing as I write these lines. A Muslim is even forbidden to verbally abuse someone, leave alone beating anyone or harming physically. And this tragedy occurred in broad day light, when people were supposedly fasting. I wonder about their faith in Islam, God and Ramadan when they were resorting to such a brutal act. They should be ashamed to call themselves human beings after doing so.

At least I am ashamed to be a Pakistani and a human being after learning this.

If you refer to my article about educating yourself against prejudices, I had talked about how people have no problem with murdering human beings and watching violence, as their minds get conditioned for it, when they approve of little acts of violence, such as killing an insect. I am not saying that I am a perfect human being, but I am just referring to the fact how little intolerance to violence can lead to greater acts of violence.

The people who were so brutally beating the poor boys did not think for a minute how it would feel if they were beaten up by everyone in their place. How it feels when a metallic rod hits you, how it feels if everyone kicks you when you are already bleeding to death and cannot take it anymore, and how it feels to be humiliated and killed by a slow death in this painful and inhuman way. I bet that coward mob would not even be able to take a single blow.

Again, people are as brutal as they can do something as horrific and savage like this act is simply because of the fact that they have no concept whatsoever about the importance and the sanctity of life. They neither have any regard for the life of other and neither for their feelings. They can gather and kill two innocent young boys and make an exhibition out of it, and no one was there to stop them.

At this point, I must say that I have never felt more disgusted and disappointed at the Pakistani nation ever before in my life. But I have never known of a more brutal and violent incident in my life as well. The nation certainly has fallen to a new low with this act, and shame on the state, the bureaucracy and the ever-corrupt police, who are nothing but a bunch of criminals.

The alarming fact is that would people treat anyone like this who they consider as criminals, even without confirming it? Does it not make them criminals themselves? I don’t think there is a single criminal offense in the world which deserve such a brutal punishment, which is a clear violation of human rights. And by the way, why did the authorities let the people take law in their own hands and did nothing to stop them? In fact, they protected the mob.

As far as the culture of public punishments go, it is not a new concept in the region at all. People are stoned to death regularly in countries like Iran, Afghanistan and the Tribal Areas in North Western parts of Pakistan, particularly the areas controlled by the Taliban. But unfortunately, many Muslims approve of such inhuman and barbaric methods of punishment.

It is because of such religious concepts that the masses are encouraged to resort to brutal and violent means in “punishing” whosoever they think is “wrong” by their sub-human standards. What these people really need is an education. Not only should they be taught the importance and sanctity of life, but they should also be cured of the prejudices and hatred which plague their hearts.

This tragic and horrific incident should get every Pakistani worried and thinking. It is not an everyday incident or act of crime at all. For if they do not speak out against it, and talk about it, so to educate the unaware masses out there, many of them could find the same treatment on the streets.

After this incident, I will never be able to defend Pakistani people again, ever.


DISCLAIMER: None of the video clips have either been recorded or uploaded by the author, or owned by him. They have been taken from YouTube, where there are even more clips available for the same incident, and can be accessed by anyone.  The author only came to know about the incident on the day of the publishing of this post, that is, August 20, 2010.

29 Responses

  1. this news is both sad and shocking……its a shame to hear about the people of my own country acting in such a brutal manner… heart really cries out for the family of these two brothers….nothing in the world can make up for their losses….may Allah give them patience and i pray for the two brothers that they be in a much better place than this horrific world!

    • May Allah rest these two brothers in heaven and grant patience to their family as its really a great loss for a father and a mother.
      Secondly, we should try our best to punish the criminals in the same way as they have no right to live in this world. I am really sad at this incidence.
      Thirdly, we as a nation are of no value as we have handed over our beloved homeland to the hands of incapable as well as mean rulers. We should awake up right now otherwise there will be nothing if we will not take it seriously.
      Think about it from the bottom of your heart !!!

  2. All those comments by Pakistan haters saying that we deserve this on news articles and blogs calling for flood aid don’t seem odd anymore.

    • I really can’t understand what you want to say here.
      Please clear your point of view.
      Thanks !!!

  3. Is it ” Humanity ” ???
    Is it ” Democracy ” ???
    Is it ” Justice ” ???
    Is it ” Rule of Law ” ???
    If not ,
    Then ,
    What is this ???
    I just want to know the answers of these questions.
    Who is responsible for this ???
    Our Government ???
    Our Politicians ???
    Our Police Department ???
    Or ,,,
    We, The Nation ???
    Please think about it from the bottom of your heart !!!

  4. where this is shocking and saddening in many many ways, i donot agree when u say the morality of people is questionable. You hav to dig deeper than that. I agree that these people were innocent and did not under any circumstances deserve even a small percent of what happened, but then think about all those incidents where burglars kill people, rape women, take people’s very hard earned money in these tough economic times. Its a collective frustration and it is spewed out in these horrifying ways. What’s really to blame here is the inherent lack of law and order in this society. Till that is fixed, till people believe that they will be able to find justice, that the system is trying its very best to protect their rights, I don’t think they will really think twice before taking matters into their own hands.

    • Maryam no matter what the crimes are, we CANNOT take law into our own hands. No matter what the crime be.

      Think about it, if people start taking the matter into their own hands, what would it lead too? If a pickpocket gets my wallet and i get a hold of him, i would thrash him to death? beacause thats the mob mentality. Their is not rational in the ‘justice’ the mob does.

      Sorry but no matter how detrimental the condition of law and order be in any country, it is still no excuse for
      ‘mob justice’

    • If you have followed the follow up of the story, both the kids left to play cricket after sehri and got into a tussle with some other kids, whose families proceeded to beat them to death.
      The FIR stating the decoity excuse was filed AFTER the kids had been murdered.
      Frustration and lack of justice does NOT justify an inhumane act – protecting your rights does not give anyone the privilege to beat two teenagers to death.
      Yeah the lack of law and order IS to blame, but more so for letting this happen. The DPO and tens of policemen stood iwth these people and watched. most probably ’cause they belonged to some asr-o-rasook wali family and the policemen were too chicken to stop them.
      Please DONT justify something this brutal by offering an excuse for it. There is no excuse for a collective inhumane behavior and searching for reasons just gives weight to the notion that these savages were actually right in doing what they did.

      • i’m merely stating the CAUSE n not an excuse. I did see the follow up today and am totally saddened by it. yes, this is horrific and i cannot imagine what their families r going through, but the law and order are to blame again..they just stood by and watched. Where are the custodians of justice when ordinary citizens need them? And it happens in not only this incident but in many others, that people prefer to act out on their own instead of trusting such wretched sloths.

    • Agree with Maryam.

      We can’t blame the ordinary citizens who constituted the mob.

      Try to find the root cause: what happens normally when we hand over criminals to the police? I’ve witnessed incidents for myself when I saw these criminals roaming freely after a few days.

      Its only the unlawful and unjust system that is to be blamed. Not these poor frustrated people.

  5. You’re right, again im not justifying, just explaining what’s really happening here. Also forget about the pickpocket, what will you feel like doing to mobile snatchers who take away innocent lives for an insignificant little thing? All I’m saying is, that people have lost so much to the crazy savagery that goes on around them they are just so frustrated. Frustrated enough to react perhaps too strongly when they get the chance..

  6. Manan, also I am very well aware of the fact that this is certainly not justice, just a reaction to a lack of it:S

  7. […] I get to the central point of this post, I must first link to the very gruesome videos that inspired it. I must confess that I did not have the stomach to watch the actual videos; the blogger in question […]

  8. […] 21st, 2010 // Before I get to the central point of this post, I must first link to the very gruesome videos that inspired it. I must confess that I did not have the stomach to watch the actual videos; the blogger in question […]

  9. This is utterly shocking and unbelievable!
    Wonder where are we heading towards!

  10. Innalillah !! What ever is happening to this country and the nation, I think that we deserve it .. Instead of putting the atrocity to an end, people are just standing and watching the view .. This is what we have become .. Certainly not the traits of good Muslims and totally against the teachings of Allah and his Prophet (PBUH) .. These floods and earthquakes and all the other disasters are a result of our actions .. Even if we are not committing them, we are not doing any thing to prevent them .. We as Muslims are responsible for preventing all such actions of poor faith .. All those involved will go through a similar fate, maybe worse, if not in this world then in the eternal world for sure .. May Allah forgive us for our sins and have mercy on us …….

  11. Mob mentality is not a new phenomenon- in Pakistan or the world. To question the entire nation based on the horrific act of a mob that is led by nothing baser than animal instinct is unfair. As you point out this is a Holy Month and God has given us each a sense of right and wrong that MUST come into play individually- we are all wired that way as human beings. The act of an unthinking mob is subject to the harshest punishment whether it is during a time of war or during a time of peace-

    Cast a look around at the wonderful youth who are putting in night and day to help the flood relief victims- these are ALSO pakistanis…dont they also deserve something positive a pat on the back, a shining accolade. This too is Pakistan. Why is that press forgotten in the light of the bad? Both good and bad exist on earth together and we have to be able to distunguish and not label entire countries on the basis of the bad- otherwise what are WE but a mob mentality as well?

    I feel sick thinking of what that mob did to those brothers and sicker still that people and CHILDREN watched it and were desensitized enough to not want to do anything? Question the justice system question the media- overhaul the system punsuh these animals but on an indiviudual level. As a nation, we have the good AND the bad, There is no country on earth that has not seen such behaviour- this is the way of human beings who dont evolve and they should be cast in one pool together-

    Every single person who watched this and didnt do something will have his own personal hell to pay one day- i sincerely believe that- and I pray that those two poor kids families find peace to deal with this madness and we as a nation find strength to get through these times of tough tests we are facing.

  12. I agree The Most High Knows and Sees everything and He has declared everything in clear words in our Holy Book about our enemy who doesn’t care if we are in fast or in wuduu for prayer as long as one or all can obey him the devil in committing evil acts such as tthe killing of these two brothers in sialkot .
    I am shocked and would like to share it maybe for my own satisfaction that people other than parents , sibling, and elders of the two brothers there were some or just one to my knowledge present amongst them protesting in front of the pakistani media Dr Shahid Massood (ARY TV) Pakistan, about the horrific acts of brutality in killing these two innocent brothers while his not so distant past say mid 90t had an event similar to this where he and others helping him brutally torture and then kill a young so called assassin who was out to kill him but they surprised him as soon as they had offered there prayers to Almighty with a brutality that could not have matched until the death of these two brothers .
    May God protect us all from devil and his works . Ameen

  13. […] Riaz, a free lance writer made following remarks in his insightful article ‘The Sialkot Carnage: Are Pakistanis Becoming a Savage Nation?’: “I have a feeling these brutal savages knew who these boys were and that they were […]

  14. […] Riaz, a free lance writer made following remarks in his insightful article ‘The Sialkot Carnage: Are Pakistanis Becoming a Savage Nation?’: “I have a feeling these brutal savages knew who these boys were and that they were […]

  15. I have to say I strongly disagree with the fact you have stated that this behaviour is due to ‘religious concepts’ such as stoning.

    In some American States they still practice Capital Punishment but that doesn’t mean the general public can take a suspected criminal and hang him in his back garden.

    I think you have missed the problem itself. Pakistan is essentially lawless and has lost control of its citizens. The fact that these people had no fear of the police shows the depths that Pakistani society has fallen to, that no law exists anymore.

    I think you should refrain from highlighting religion as the problem, people behave in barbaric ways without needing religion. However, religion should not be used to push personal/political/racial agendas.

    Law is an important factor of our lives, without a law or a contract between government and citizen, you are essentially exposed to the wolves.

    The police should be brought to account and the government. We need to look deep into why police officers were unable to control these people and also what drove them to believe that this behaviour was justified, even if the two brothers were robbers, as claimed.

  16. I feel sham on us on our nation and feel sham on Sialkot and Sialkot peoples. all the peoples deserve that available on that tregrty need to be hang and must be hang there till death. i am feeling so sham are we are human????? no. we are nota human all the problem which we are facing in pakistan like flood and other we are deserving that.

  17. Ramadan, yes, but also the day after Independence Day. Too sad!

  18. I was studying something else about this on another blog. Interesting. Your perspective on it is novel. – Organized crime in America takes in over forty billion dollars a year and spends very little on office supplies. – Woody Allen Born 1935

  19. […] Riazは彼の洞察に満ちた記事 「スィアールコートの大虐殺:パキスタン人は凶悪な国家になったか?」で以下のように述べている: […]

  20. […] WTF #6: Blasphemy laws & mob mentality. No LOLz. Since their introduction in the 1980s, the blasphemy laws have been arbitrarily used to legitimize the violence and persecution of Pakistan’s minorities. This year, the case of Aasia Bibi, the Christian woman to be sentenced to death for blasphemy, sparked outrage and media headlines, further illustrating how often our legislators cow tow to the cacaphony of the religiously ignorant. There was increasing violence as well, [see this piece I wrote for the AfPak Channel], when more than 70 people were killed when gunmen launched attacks on two Ahmadi mosques in Lahore. Just last month, police gave credence to intolerance and prejudice over reason and sensitivity, forcing an Ahmadi family to exhume a relative’s body from a graveyard. The Aasia Bibi and the Ahmadi graveyard examples further illustrate not only the ugliness of ignorance, but also how often mob mentality overruns reason. This was also evident when two brothers were brutally tortured and beaten to death in public in Sialkot back in August. […]

  21. Sad as it is to say, the nation of Pakistan is indeed a swarm of superstitious savages, interspersed with only a very few civilised persons. The images of shrieking mobs we see every day are a stark reminder of the reality of Islam, and give the lie to the notion that there are “humanists” among adherents to that faith. There is no possibility of educating this nation of savages. Only military intervention to secure the nuclear weapons in Pakistan can save our world from a disaster which becomes more obviously inevitable with each passing day. Any educated person now residing in Pakistan will be wise to depart for the West as soon as possible. Only in the West can a person be safe from such savage practices as execution for the “crime” of “blasphemy.”

    I very much regret the truth of what I have written here. Nevertheless, we cannot eliminate hideous realities by covering our eyes.

  22. you are ryt.. But if you refer to stone throughing killing of illigal sex as barbaric action[Naho zu billah]. Then you are wrong. Why you dont study Quran,whr it is Ordered by ALLAH to do so by law enforcing athorities.

  23. For me the shock moment came when I realize in pakistan men could murder women legally. Women have no right to life. In honor killings family murder women and then they pardon themselves and go away free. The husband of Farzana Parveen killed by her brothers and Dad..,had killed himself her previous wife . This is grotesque. A wife is killed by husband in order to marry a second one. She got murdered. He went free. He marry again. . But the second wife is also killed this time by her brothers and cousins since they did not agree with the marriage. In short : Women are butchered both by their own families.., and by their husbands. And the state does nothing. Murderers of human life go away free.

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