Education is the Solution: Emphasizing the Sanctity of Life

There is violence and prejudice in the world due to a very important reason. A lot of people do not realize and recognize the sanctity of life, or importance of it, if you find the word “sanctity” to be related to religion in some way. The value of life can simply be elaborated by a simple fact that when someone dies, you cannot bring him or her back, even with all the money and power in the world.

What does that imply?

It can lead you to think that since you do not have the power to bring the person back to life, then you should also not be responsible for taking his or her life away. Neither did you give life to the person, nor you ever could. So, how can you ever think that you can be good enough to judge whether someone should live or die?

Unfortunately, politics, obsessions with superiority, prejudices and the insecurities that plague our minds have made a lot of us to forget about this simple and self-evident fact. This is why some people can engage in violence and kill each other as easily as they drink water. Violence is the part of the human instinct as animals, but even animals use violence just for their needs.

Some would argue that wars and other forms of violence are used by humans to achieve certain objectives and needs as well. Those thinking in the broader terms would even say that violence is essential for survival, and this is what keeps a species alive and thriving in terms of the competition for the natural selection. But still, no sane person would approve of violence. At least, since human beings call themselves an intelligent species.

But I have often noticed that people are not exactly aware of the value of life, in general. This really comes into focus when you observe how they treat animals. If they consider for a moment that animals are living beings as well, then they would really treat them with care, or should at least not hurt them, if not be affectionate with them. But we can squish a bug without giving a second thought to it.

All you have to do is to take it seriously. The ease with which you can squish a bug is what hardens your heart and allows it to accept violent actions against humans. Often some of my friends complain that people do not react appropriately to the crimes in the society, such as genocide, war crimes, rapes, child abuse and fatal sexual assaults on children. I strongly believe that most people do, but those who resort to such crimes just don’t realize the importance of life.

To some people. money, power, political influence and domination is more important than observing and respecting the sanctity of life, and that is why they think that wasting a human life, or for any other life form, is not a problem at all, especially if doing so serves their purpose, makes them richer or more powerful. Of course, when we talk about caring for life, it involves caring for life in whatever form it occurs and wherever it is found, and not just for your own life.

Just before you see someone else dying, never forget that you will not live forever as well. That you will have to leave the world one day and only if you can imagine the feeling you will experience at the moment of your death, can you realize how precious life is and how it feels when you are dying. Just imagine for a single second what a dying person would be going through and it will be easier to understand this.

When you develop the understanding of the importance of life, you will reject violence without any resistance at all. People like Mahatma Gandhi did not approve of violence even if it was being used for a “noble purpose”. Some people criticize the Mahatma for that, since some thought that abstinence from violence can be seen as a weakness by the enemies.

But then again, the people who resort to violence almost always label it as something done for the good or for a “noble purpose”. Don’t they? Violence and vendetta can only lead to more violence and more bloodshed and more trouble. There are countless examples of that in the history of the world, and it is perhaps one of the most ignored lessons in history.

The truth is that abstinence from violence is the real courage and strength. An educated person will never resort to violence, or would avoid engaging in violent behavior as much as possible.  An educated person will also be less tempted to violence, since he or she would have already curbed his or her prejudices, and would know how to deal with problems in a pragmatic and cool-minded manner.

All this is by no means anything which is not in touch with reality. In fact, it is the truth. All you need to do is to allow your mind to accept it and to apply it in your life, and you will see the difference yourself, if you are already not doing so. The choice is yours. You can value life and stay away from violence, or reject it and become the worst life form. An education which helps someone to realize the sanctity of life is the only solution.

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